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Rafael Abuin Aido


Natural Resources Technician is my initial training. I have been working in environment and conservation for more than 20 years. My first approach to nature protection was as coordinator of fire fighting crews in Galicia. Later, and for more than 10 years, I worked with the Galician Forestry Association and Selga SA, in the management of Galician forest heritage, carrying out works of forest inventories, mapping and Geographic Information Systems.

In Extremadura, I coordinated for 6 years the Public Use team of the Finca de Granadilla (belonging to National Parks), developing activities related to the future reintroduction of the Iberian lynx in Extremadura.

In 2013 I decide to travel to Argentina as a volunteer of the CLT Species Program in the Iberá Wetlands, an ambitious work of species reintroduction that was beginning to develop at that time in that corner of the world. There I learned another way of working and soon I joined the technical team of CLT Argentina as responsible for monitoring several reintroduced species. After 3 years working daily in the field, I started working in the audiovisual communication of the project, managing social networks and generating content, taking advantage of my experience as a naturalist, photographer and video maker. 


2020 - 2023


2013 - 2019


2008 - 2012


1994 - 2008


Returning home

After 7 years of adventure in Argentina, I decided to cross the ocean again to return to Spain with the treasures I had acquired on the American continent: a lot of knowledge and experience, and above all a companion in life and in the new professional challenges to come. Since 2020 I have been immersed in the communication campaign Nuestros Espacios Protegidos (Europarc - Fundación Global Natura and Soy Ecoturista) to position and give recognition to the protected areas of Spain, and also working on other projects related to nature, wildlife and conservation.

Iberá: the revulsive to my way of understanding conservation

A volunteering that became the turning point of my career. What was going to be three months monitoring wildlife in the Iberá Wetlands, turned into the most intense and incredible professional stage of my life (so far). Working on the return of locally extinct species such as the jaguar, the scarlet macaw, the giant otter or the giant anteater, among others, opened my mind to see that we still have possibilities to correct what we did wrong with the planet. After more than 3 years of being in charge of monitoring, I decided to change the antenna for the camera to take advantage of my experience as a naturalist to be able to tell conservation stories that would help the project. 

My first works related to conservation

I work for a while as a forestry crew leader and then I take the opportunity to become responsible for the public use team of the Finca de Granadilla (NATIONAL PARKS). Environmental education, wildlife monitoring, census, vigilance... everything serves to prepare the return of the Iberian lynx to Extremadura.

Forest Foreman

After completing my studies, it was time to put everything I had learned into practice. I started by measuring trees and then I was in charge of the cartography of management projects. A major challenge, moving from hand-colored paper maps to digital cartography.

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