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Rocio Landivar


I studied Visual Communication Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata, in Argentina.


Since the beginning of my work as a designer I had a special interest in projects related to nature, tourism and conservation, which led me to be part of environmental education works and pride campaigns for Argentina and Latin America, creating corporate, diffusion, editorial and didactic material for digital media, festivals and exhibitions.

I worked for conservation organisations and projects, first in Argentina, such as Fundación Inalafquen and Aves Argentinas (BirdLife partner), and throughout the Americas (Manomet Center, Rare, Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network WHSRN, Environment for the Americas EFTA, Western Hemisphere Shorebird Group WHSG, Shorebird Recovery Project, US Forest Service, Save Brazil, Association of Field Ornithologist (AFO), Universidad Austral de Chile, and others).


Today I work at OCÉANO, my own Creative Studio based in Spain, as a designer and communicator for several conservation projects, nature reserves, environmental companies, campaigns and documentary production companies in Argentina, America and Europe.

I also have my own painting and illustration projects.


2020 - 2023


2012 - 2019



2008 - 2013


2002 - 2007




New Life Project

In early 2020 we moved to Spain, also by the sea, but this time in the Mediterranean. Here I continue to work online in the communication of all projects in Argentina, and with new challenges in these lands since the creation of OCÉANO in 2022.

Communication for Conservation

During these years, projects related to nature and conservation were strengthened. Although it is an area in which I have been working since the beginning of my career, it is in this stage that they achieve international reach, being called to be part of innovative educational campaigns and works that link the entire American continent, along with different NGOs.

First Big Projects

During these years I already have consolidated clients in the commercial sector (especially in the service and hotel industry) and I work for tourism areas in the local and regional government. It is also a stage in which my own commercial projects are consolidated, with the opening of 3 stores with products of my own design in Buenos Aires and the Argentine Patagonia.

Time to Entrepreneur

While I started working for my first clients, I decided to create my own publishing projects. During these years I write, design, edit and publish children's story books, tourist guides and agendas with information about the natural and cultural heritage of my land, as commercial tourist products for sale.

Visual Communication Designer

After 5 years of university, I obtained my degree in Visual Communication Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata (UNLP) and moved to Buenos Aires. By then, while studying, I had already done my first design work in my homeland.

+634 466 755

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