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Ideas in Motion

We are a creative communications studio specialising in nature, wildlife, conservation, tourism and service projects. We are passionate about what we do, so we always seek to add an enriching perspective and creative ideas capable of bringing meaning to projects.

We believe in a personal and different way of doing things, taking on projects as our own, listening and getting involved with the client's needs, to work as a team and propose solutions with which the client feels identified. Because communicating is talking about who we are.

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Océano Estudio Creativo

Because we were both born and grew up next to the Atlantic Ocean (although in very distant parts of the world). An ocean that unknowingly united us and that would mark our lives on both shores.

Because it is the sea that most identifies us. It inspires us, it takes us away from the noise and brings us a little closer to what is essential. 


Because we believe in communication as a dialogue with others, but also with the environment, which is part of the identity of each project.

Because this studio is like a port, a landscape in constant movement, where stories arrive, each one as unique as it is special, in search of new resources and tools that allow us to draw a better course.


Valores Océano Estudio Creativo

Ideas & Values

We want to know the dreams of each client or project, to find the values that differentiate them, and to generate ideas that reflect their identity.

Trabajo en Equipo


Communication is dialogue, so it is important to listen to the needs and possibilities of each client in order to enhance and optimise results.


to Communicate

With the information analysed and the objectives determined, it is time to create.

Communicate knowing what we want to tell and why.


Meaningful Messages

We communicate in order to reach others. And if we want to tell others something, it is because we care about them. Communicating also requires commitment.


Rocio Landivar


Visual Communication Designer

Rafael Abuin Aido


Communicator / Filmmaker / Photographer

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